The haunted ones, howlin’ in your head

In Events, Fashion by Raquella Warrhol

By now we’ve all gotten a bit of an Arcade fix. There’s still a few things I want, but this crown by Enfant Terrible was what I wanted most from this round. It’s so beautiful, and went perfectly with Pixicat’s Fatima dress from Enchantment. 

In the background you’ll see a setup featuring items from ISON & Sorgo. I almost have the complete ISON altar set but I’m still missing a few things. Once I get around to rearrange my parcel a bit, it will be a focal point of my house. 

Other Credits:

Ouaja Board & Tarot Cards- Sorgo (Arcade)… Read more at the source.

Raquella WarrholThe haunted ones, howlin’ in your head

Deeper Down

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Amaryllis Oona

WALL ART: Zigana

CONNECT FOUR GAME: Second Spaces [common, 50L]

DAYBED: junk. @ September 2014 Arcade! [RARE, 50L]

TRIPOD: Apple Fall [common]


BIRDCAGE SHELF: junk. @ September 2014 Arcade! [common, 50L]

SUITCASE SHELVES: junk. @ September 2014 Arcade! [common, 50L]   HOMELESS BEAR: 8f8 [exclusive event gift - no longer available]
   FLOWER: Apple Fall @ September 2014 Arcade! [common, 75L]

TABLE: junk. @ September 2014 Arcade! [common, 50L]   FAN: junk. @ September 2014 Arcade! [RARE, … Read more at the source.

Amaryllis OonaDeeper Down

Arena frei!

In Events, Fashion by Jule Lemondrop

Hair: Wasabi Rachel Mesh Hair – Ash
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Oxidation
Skin: Essences {Linka03} medium 01 – Brunette Dressingroom Fusion
Body: SLink Physique Mesh Body
Body Slink Appeliers: Essences {Slink Physique} all tones
Hands: SLink Mesh Hands casual and flat
Gown: Junbug Ariel  - Lavender FaMESHed
Feets: SLink Female Feet /AvEnhance) – High
Shoes: EMPORIUM Alanis Heels Texture Change Hud Cosmopolitan Sale Room
Earrings and Necklace: Paper Couture Merriweather Diamond
Ring: Donna Flora Anemone
Read more at the source.
Jule LemondropArena frei!

my memoirs of a geisha

In Events, Fashion by hazy cygnet

OOh I had  alot of lag trouble at The fantasy Gacha i struggled for about 2 hours  walking of the cliff not being able to cam having to ask random people to tp me back up OOh my was a nightmare , then It dawned on me I had my graphics set to ultra and on sun and moon  & projectors OOh What a fool I am as soon as i turned all that off I was totally fine and could actually shop, I had missed a party Due to puter problems or so I thought . But Finally i … Read more at the source.

hazy cygnetmy memoirs of a geisha


In Events, Fashion by The Blogging Elf

Hi peeps,

75 creators are getting ready to set up their newest creations for you! The event will open on the 4th at 3 PM SLT and here we are already featuring the early previews. Don’t forget to check back as these are only about 30% of what’s going to be there! :) We will constantly update this site.

MINA Hair - Jasmin
The Zarin Outfits
Zarin Previewer
Wishbringer Summer Gazebo
Wands at the Ready
~_S.E._~ Seraphic Horns Vend (We_3RP Vend)
Trident EVENT
Damselfly 2
The Lounge -satin thistle flats - _Cluaran na Eilean_ brown WRP
_Calico_ Marian Ad
the Lounge - satin thistle flats -_Cluaran na Eilean_  Red  WRP
The Lounge - satin thistle flats - _Cluaran na Eilean_ pine WRP
Elizabeth Red
The Lounge - satin thistle flats - _Cluaran na Eilean_ coal WRP
Stargazer Orc Avatar - Envy 01
LPM Fantasy Line
James Sky
James Silver
James Green
James Brown
James Blue
Frogstar - Woodcutter's Cottage Poster
Fairy Blessings
Elizabeth Purple
Elizabeth Mist
Elizabeth Green
Elizabeth Gold
Elizabeth Blue
DRIFT ADVERT-Apocolypse Pants
!gO! Fay dress-vendor (we love role play)
DRIFT ADVERT-Apocolypse Jacket
Devanna Slippers Color Chart
Stargazer Creations We love Roleplay September Poster
Dainty Camisk Main Ad
ChakraBow EVENT
~_SR_~ Tower of Evil Shade BoxPIC
~_SR_~ Lighthouse of Evil Shade BoxPIC
~_SR_~ Library of Evil Shade BoxPIC
~_SR_~ Gazebo of Evil Shade BoxPIC
~_SR_~ Cottage of Evil Shade BoxPIC
~_SR_~ Bathhouse of Evil Shade BoxPIC
~_S.E._~ Serrated Goblin Horns (We_3RP Vend)
~_S.E._~ De La Luna Circlet Vend (We_3RP Vend)
_LE_ Elven Rogue ruby
_LE_ Elven Rogue Orchid
_LE_ Elven Rogue Onyx
_LE_ Elven Rogue Jade
_LE_ Elven Rogue Earth
_LE_ Elven Rogue Aqua
[V_W] AD_Amara_Complete
[Stitched] Allyria AD
.storybook. - Devanna Slippers Ad
.random.Matter. - Baratheon AD
.{yumyums}. Birthstone Choker - SEPT we_3rp
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Just Wonderful

In Events, Fashion by Cindy Gedenspire

Just Wonderful
Just Wonderful2
Sassy! – Kourtney Top Blue & Khloe Skirt Taupe *DISTRICT 5-Ends Sep 4*
Kunglers – TDRF #047 Bracelet Copper *TDR FUSION*
Belleza – Emily Makeup 14 Dk *THE ARCADE*

ZOZ – Soft Silver Tips Polish Slink *COSMOPOLITAN SALES ROOM*

Other credits:
Magika – Hair Reading
Pure Poison – Mbao Hand Bag
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands Elegant
Adorkable Poses – Breezy 2m… Read more at the source.

Cindy GedenspireJust Wonderful