came to help

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from time to time – I am really nice and try to help – but often I stay there after my help like these nurses. Blood everywhere and cute! Thanks Cureless and MoonAmore Curemore ;) for that cute idea!
I mixed some of the gachas from tsg and found some perfect shoes from Moda – and yeah – I tried to help again! :D Visit these events for the look: Cosmopolitan EventEpiphanyShiny Shabby

left nurse:

hair: Amacci – Willow @ Cosmo
eyes: Catwa – Mesh Eyes [huddriven]
face: DeeTaleZ – Merilyn [nordic]
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Ryo | addme. @SLEvents, Fashion


NEW @ N21 (October 21st – November 12th)
—— Earrings, Necklace

NEW @ Glam Affair
Glam Affair – Nancy Applier ( Catwa / Annie ) America

CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

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I Don’t Shine if you Don’t Shine

Kess CrystalEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

I’ve been thinking about writing about Shine Theory for some time and my amazing, beautiful friend Sady wrote about a similar thing today on her blog so it seemed like today should be the day! I first heard about Shine Theory from an article on the BBC about the aides working in President Obama’s White House…

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Accentuate The Positive

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hi bunnies! Guess what day it is? It’s UBER day! The theme for this round is “Military.” I am loving it! So many cool, military inspired items!

Style - Accentuate The Positive

I’m wearing the Military Coat and the Halterneck Bodysuit by COCO that you can get at Uber for this round. The coat is awesome and comes with the garrison cap. It also has optional medals and an armband.

N-Core‘s Survivor boots are wonderful! No one is going to mess with me in these babies! Especially since I have my gun, grenades, AND a knife easily accessible on my boots!

There is SO … Read more →

We salute you Uber!

Eden MalikDesigners, Events, Fashion


Take a break from the Halloween madness and march on over to Uber!  The creators have heard you loud and clear and it’s all five by five from here!  A plethora of paramilitary fashion and paraphernalia await you, from garb to builds to decor and more until November 23rd!  Atten-TION!  Here’s your ride!

Connie & Eden

Teleport to Uber

MIA: Vive Nine Ryvolter, Paper Arrow, Valekoer


ALICE PROJECT - hair/fatpack, 300L-800L each/1350L
ALT BY TRUTH - dress/fatpack, 250L each/1000L
ANE - shoes/fatpack, 220L each/1500L
ARIA - see description for details
ARISKEA & THE DEN - furniture set, 99L-449L each/2000L fatpack
ARISKEA & THE DEN - furniture set, 99L-449L each/2000L fatpack
ATELIER PEPE - appliers, 799L each
AZUCHI - pants/fatpack, 249L each/699L
AZUCHI - top/fatpack, 249L each/699L
AZUCHI - jacket/fatpack, 249L each/599L
BAIASTICE - jacket/skirt/boots/fatpacks, 295L each/225L each/325L each/1770L/1350L/2275L
BUENO - jacket/fatpack, 199L each/1000L
CANDYDOLL - dress/fatpack, 265L each/1875L
CHEEKY PEA - see description for details
CHEEKY PEA - see description for details
CHEEKY PEA - see description for details
COCO - coat/bodysuit/sandals, 295L each/200L each/250L each
DAVID HEATHER - dress/fatpack, 350L each/2900L fatpack
DEAD DOLLZ - outfit/fatpack, 350L each/1750L
DEETALEZ - appliers, 1299L each
DELA - hair/special colors pack/fatpack, 250L each/350L/1295L
ELUA - hair/special pack/fatpack, 300L each/450L each/1450L
EMERY - shirt/sweater/skirt/fatpack, 250L each/265L each/1500L each/600L
EMPIRE - boots, 499L
ERRATIC - trench/shorts/fatpack, 299L each/1999L each
EVANI - jeans/pullover/fatpacks, 250L each/1000L each
FASHIONABLY DEAD - hair, 230L each
FISHY STRAWBERRY - hat/jacket/dress, 290L/240L each/195L each
GLAM AFFAIR - appliers/make up, 699L each/ 499L/399L each
GLAM AFFAIR - shoes/accessory, 399L each/199L
HUCCI - shoes/jacket/fatpack, 195L each/175L each/895L/795L
INSOL - appliers/fatpack/eyeshadows/make up, 900L each/2300L/200L/99L
JUST DESIGN - shoes/fatpack, 495L each
KEKE - table/cloth/bottle/box/fatpack, 88L each/444L
KITJA - top/skirt/jacket/fatpacks, 249L each/299L each/999L each/1199L
KUNST - ring/necklace, 145L/275L
LITTLE BONES - hair/special pack/fatpack, 325L each/350L each/2000L
LUXE - poses/necklace/fatpack, 20L each/150L each/100L/399L
MASSOOM - dress/fatpack, 298L each/2600L
MINIMAL - jewelry set/fatpack, 199L each/1249L
MISS CHELSEA - outfit/color pack, 250L each/500L each
MONSO - hair, 229L each
MOON - hair/special color packs/fatpack, 300L each/450L/2200L
N4RS - chair/table, 299L each
NCORE - boots/fatpack, 300L each/1795L
PHEDORA - jacket, 399L
PURE POISON - boots, 349L
REBEL GAL - hair/fatpack, 250L each/1000L
REBEL GAL - overall/fatpack, 220L each/1200L
REVERIE - skirt/color pack/fatpack, 250L each/650L each/950L
SEUL - outfit/jacket/underwear/shirt/skirt/fatpack, 330L/300L each/350L each/200L each/1100L/2000L each
SPIRIT - top/shorts/fatpacks, 299L each/1196L each
TETRA - jacket/pants/fatpack, 249L each/999L each
THE LOFT - dining set, 100L-350L each/1350L fatpack
THE LOFT - chair/fatpack, 275L each/500L fatpack
TROMPE LOEIL - build/chairs/snow, 475L/325L/500L/100L
TROMPE LOEIL - build/chairs/snow, 475L/325L/500L/100L
TROMPE LOEIL - build/chairs/snow, 475L/325L/500L/100L
TROMPE LOEIL - build/chairs/snow, 475L/325L/500L/100L
TROMPE LOEIL - build/chairs/snow, 475L/325L/500L/100L
TROMPE LOEIL - build/chairs/snow, 475L/325L/500L/100L
VALENTINA E - shorts/jacket/fatpack, 225L each/750L each
VILLENA - vest/top/shorts, 270L each/200L each/250L each
VINYL - top/capris/fatpack, 199L each/1200L
VINYL - top/capris/fatpack, 199L each/1200L
VINYL - top/capris/fatpack, 199L each/1200L
WASABI PILLS - hair/fatpack, 250L each/350L basic colors pack/800L fatpackRead more →

::LiES Creations:: Victoria dress Boutique 187 Kitty set Rezology Europa Hair and FashionNatic Simadlin boots

twotoofashionEvents, Fashion

Here many fantastic creations from our sponsors!!!
Sabrymoon is wearing the fashinating “Victoria” dress by ::LiES Creations::, the sensual and incredible “Simadlin boots” by FashionNatic, the beautiful “Kitty set” by Boutique 187 that includes earrings and collar and the amazing “Europa hair” by Rezology!!!
Dress::LiES Creations::Victoria dress
5 colors available

Collar: Boutique 187Kitty set
it includes collar and earrings
6 Collar Colors – 6 Ribbon Colors – 2 Metal Colors

Hair: Rezology Europa hair

Boots: FashionNatic Simadlin boots
for Maitreya, Belleza (Isis / Freya /NOT Venus), Slink Physique,

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Burn to Ash & Bone

Cassie SEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

Bite your tongue, swear to keep
Keep your mouth shut
Make up something
Make up something good…
Holding hands
Skipping like a stone
Burn the witch
Burn to ash & bone
― Queens of the Stone Age

So imagine a witch is accused and denies being a witch.  As she burns at the stake she transforms into her true form . . . a deadly succubus ready to get revenge on those who betrayed her.  YEAH!  That is what this is about :P  I really hope you enjoy this pic!

Burn to Ash & Bone


Hair: Self Entitled by Love @ The Kawaii ProjectRead more →

Look #246: Bohemian Style in the Misty Woods

Shell MarkEvents, Fashion


For this blog post I have some awesome Boho Culture Fair exclusives from Mooh, Slipper Originals and EMO-tions


One of the Boho Culture Fair exclusives from Mooh is the lace Faith Oufit.  This outfit consists of a halter top and long skirt.

The cropped halter top has a ruffle at the neckline and hangs loosely.  The skirt has a lace overlay on a solid background color and a satin bow at the waistline.  The included HUD  has six solid colors and six colors of lace for the top, six lace colors for the skirt and six solid colors … Read more →